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Between Gnosall and Derrington………….

Recently I embarked on the final round of metal bench painting along the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55). En route to the metal bench next to Duddas Woods in Derrington I passed Haughton Station Road car park and was pleased to see a wonderful Haughton Village map. Well done the chaps in Haughton for this new sign, I am sure it will be very useful to users along Our Greenway.


I also managed to get a few photos of the Greenway and adjacent views…………










Now the bench with the usual before and after photos…………….


There are three remaining metal benches left, onwards and upwards, thank you for reading.

With kind thanks to the Gnosall WI…………

Before Christmas our Gnosall Women’s Institute (WI) were out and busy along the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55).

Marie from the Gnosall WI sent me the photos and the write up featured below.

As their part in the WI Centenary celebrations, Gnosall Jambusters WI wanted to leave a lasting tribute to this occasion and were lucky to be awarded a hedging pack of 30 mixed trees from the Woodland Trust. Some of the members braved the weather on Saturday 5th December 2015 to plant them along the Stafford to Newport Greenway. The trees were planted in two areas on the Newport side of the village and it is hoped that this mixed hedging will further encourage wildlife into the area.

Just to clarify the Newport side of the village means to the west of Gnosall along Our Greenway. Thank you very much to the Gnosall WI for all your efforts and you all do a sterling job, so may it continue, many thanks.




Most areas in the UK have a Women’s Institute, so if you are feamle and want to join I am sure there is a local WI near you who would welcome you on board. Thank you for reading.

The old railway (Our Greenway) featured in the Gnosall Nav……..

After being tipped off about some interesting items featured in a local pub from a kind hearted Stafford to Newport Greenway user I thought I should pay a trip to the Gnosall Navigation Inn “Nav” on the Newport Road (A518) in Gnosall. The “Nav” is situated next to the Shropshire Union canal.

I was directed to take a look at the unique tables in the “Nav” and not for the other reason! Wow, aren’t they good. The tables show an old map of the local area around Gnosall and the old railway now the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55) and also the maps show the location where the Shropshire Union canal passes under the Stafford to Newport Greenway.


The owners of the “Nav” are walking and cycling friendly, so users of the Stafford to Newport Greenway can have another venue for a rest and may be explore the table maps and plot an onward journey. There is also a map in the main bar area which I did not take a photo of.

Of course, canal heritage and narrowboats is a key feature in the “Nav” and I quite liked the model narrowboats………………..


The “Nav” can be found about 100 yards or so south from the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Next to Plardiwick Road) along the Shropshire Union canal. If you are travelling by road then the “Nav” is right next to the Shropshire Union canal along the Newport Road (A518) in Gnosall Heath.

Hopefully the Shropshire Union canal towpath will be resurfaced this year and will become another useful sustainable transport corridor for users who wish to turn off the Stafford to Newport Greenway and explore the area more. Thank you for reading.


Location signs along Our Greenway……….

For those who have asked about location signs for the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55) you may wish to visit this link.

There are paper laminated signs already near to the different locations along Our Greenway and the name of the location is featured on them.

For those of you with a smartphone there is a Quick Response (QR) code which gives you access to a webpage with more information  about where you are.

The Greenway Location Marker website can be found here. More information needs to be added to the locations on the Greenway Location Marker website and hopefully this year the paper versions will be replaced with plastic ones and at more locations, thank you.


Litter and fly tipping…………….

Out and about today and I forgot to take my camera so had to use my phone for the following photos.

With kind thanks to the Canal and River Trust for clearing parts of the Shropshire Union Canal towpath and hopefully the towpath may be getting a resurface this year, thank you once again chaps your work is appreciated.



Thank you to either the kind nearby landowner or Staffordshire County Council for putting some new wooden bollards in at the entrance to the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55) next to Broadhill which is where Public Right of Way (PROW) Gnosall number 92 meets the Greenway. You can view the various PROW routes on the Staffordshire County Council Rights of Way mapping database.


Fly tipping or littering is still thankfully low and I know many users are still concerned about the dog mess. Soon the Officer responsible for procecuting people who do not pick up there dog waste will be out along Our Greenway!

Regarding reporting fly tipping, you can find the location to download the Stafford Borough Council (Report It) smartphone application here. Or you can also go to this link for details about how to report fly tipping. The fly tipping next to the Greenway at Broadhill has been reported.


The beautiful Primroses – “Primula Vulgaris” are starting to come out along Our Greenway.


Thank you for reading…………….

A little bit of Lowfield Lane…………….

In the strong wind, but on a thankfully dry day I managed to get the yearly, but in my opinion overdue Lowfield Lane steps out of the way. Ideally, I would have liked to have got this done last year, but Weather! These steps lead down from Lowfield Lane to the Stafford to Newport Greenway (Part of the National Cycle Network route 55). Please see the below.



Preservative was added to the Royal bench plaque, more is needed, but will all be done in the future and the white lettering re established. I did clear round the Royal Oak tree, but need to get a photo in the future and I was also careful and mindful of the kind peoples plants which were planted and donated last year.


The photo below is blacked out because there are the remains of items which should not be published and the taking of substances. This has upset some users of the Stafford to Newport Greenway especially as the activity has taken place by the Royal bench, what happened to respect?


Once the lettering and the preservative has been added to the Royal plaque it is a case of time to wait for the plants to grow and then filter out the weeds from the plants ready for summer. On an even brighter note thank you to Clive from the Gnosall BKV who said he would clean the cycle route signs at the crossing of the National Cycle Network route 55 on Station Road in Gnosall, thank you Clive for this it is appreciated.

Many thanks to all the kind hearted people who have litter picked the Stafford to Newport Greenway it is noticed and it is appreciated, many thanks all.